Ode to Campsuds

After fourteen years ministering in local churches, I developed a knack for rewriting hymn lyrics, either to be more inclusive or to better fit the progressive theology of the communities singing. Along the way, it’s possible that Elizabeth and I developed the sacrilegious habit of replacing hymn lyrics with everyday words: silly songs about cleaning, cooking, going to the store, or complaints about politics. My incessant love for the non-toxic soap, Campsuds—which cleans our bodies, hair, laundry, dishes, and everything else without polluting the lake and earth—combined with this blasphemous behavior to create the hymn below. It’s sung to the well-known hymn tune Ode to Joy, often called “Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee.” Sing it with gusto, as we do while scrubba-dubbing in Silver Lake. And if Campsuds Corporation likes it, perhaps you can use it as a little jingle in advertising. It’s sure to be a smash hit.

campsudsOde to Campsuds

Hymn Tune: Ode to Joy

Composed by Ludwig van Beethoven

New lyrics by Rev. Dr. Angela Yarber and Dr. Elizabeth Lee

(Sung with gusto)

Campsuds, campsuds, we adore thee

In the lake or in the stream,

You wash all our dirty sundries,

Crusty pans now sparkling clean!

For our laundry, bowls, or tushies,

You provide a cleansing power!

We adore non-toxic bubbles,

Good for bodies, safe for flowers!


Campsuds, campsuds, we adore thee

In our hair and on our face,

Even on our grubby toddler,

Dirt and poop on clothes: erased!

Take away those nasty parabens,

Give us Campsuds to stay clean!

Always bring that deep green liquid

On your every camping dream!


Campsuds, campsuds, we adore thee

And your tear-free washing power!

Just a dot of your pure liquid

Makes my laundry look less dour!

Even after hiking steep trails

You make sweaty moms stink less!

Every time I go backpacking

Campsuds help reduce the mess!


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