Little family. Big adventure.


Our little family consists of mommy, mama, and Riah. Elizabeth (mommy) and Angela (mama) became parents through open adoption, which means that Riah’s birthparents are still an important part of our lives. Together with eight grandparents, three uncles, and a host of extended relatives and friends we make one, big, creative family. Here’s a bit about us…

Angela and Elizabeth met when they began their Ph.D. programs in Berkeley, CA.

Elizabeth has been a college instructor for six years and teaches primarily applied ethics. A thoughtful introvert, she is excited about further developing her philosophy of living gently, peacefully, and sustainably during this year of travel. When she’s not teaching, Elizabeth enjoys vegan baking and swimming. With amateur interests in woodworking, web design, and gardening, she looks forward to developing these skills further throughout our travels.

Angela is an artist, author, and ordained clergywoman. After pastoring churches for fourteen years and teaching in colleges and seminaries for nine, she is relishing this new opportunity for vocational discernment, learning, and adventure. The author of six books, Angela writes at the intersections among the arts, religion/spirituality, and gender/sexuality studies. As an artist, she focuses on empowering women and the LGBTQ community with her Holy Women Icons Project. She leads retreats, conferences, workshops, and offers lectures and sermons for a variety of diverse communities. Recently, she is also becoming a certified yoga and kickboxing (Les Mills Body Combat) instructor. To learn more about her work or schedule an event, visit her at www.angelayarber.com

Riah will be 20 months old when our adventure officially begins in July. He enjoys light switches, swings, pointing at the moon, swimming, playing the maracas, and chewing on virtually anything.

Together we are a vegan family committed to social justice, peacemaking, sustainability, and laughter.




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