Alternative Economies

[ Guiding Principles]
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“Capitalism is not just a social system that exploits people through work, such that we can think about ending the exploitation and keeping the work; it is a social system that tends to subordinate all of life to work, and, by so doing, alienates those of us forced to work and prevents us from developing our own paths of self-realization…Precisely because capital seeks to intervene and shape all of life, all of life rebels, each nook and cranny of life becomes a site of insurgency against this subordination…The liberation of work can come only with the liberation from work, that is, from the capitalist reduction of life to work.”  –Harry Cleaver, “Work Refusal and Self-Organization”

Playwright and activist Eve Ensler once claimed, “I am stepping off the capitalist treadmill.”

We believe that capitalist practices destroy delicate ecosystems, deplete natural resources, harm animals, oppress and endanger workers, increase the wealth gap, and foster unfulfilling consumerist desires. Though we cannot extricate ourselves completely from capitalist exchanges, we hope to radically change our relationship to capitalism in the coming year.

Acknowledging that our time and happiness is more valuable than money, we have left our jobs as professor/pastor behind to explore what kind of life could exist if we resist as much of capitalism as possible. Living simply, earning less money, spending less money, and enjoying sharing time together are some of the goals of our year. Have less, do more.




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