The beckoning counts, not the clicking latch behind you. –Freya Stark

A Year of Living Differently

Our family is hitting the road! Though traditional academia and local church ministry have contributed much to who we are, we realize that they confine our wider vision for our family and our world. So, we are selling our home and leaving our jobs behind to follow the beckoning…wherever it may lead.

The purpose of this year is to discern what vocational steps to take next in our lives and to live in a way that is gentler to the earth and to other people. Along the way, we’ll be campground hosts, caretakers, Artists in Residence, retreat leaders, volunteers, and farm workers.

By living in different beautiful places, learning new skills, and thoughtfully considering our life goals, we hope to complete the year prepared to open a small retreat/education center with an organic garden. Leading retreats, partnering with universities and seminaries to offer land-based intensive classes, providing hospitality to the marginalized, and living sustainably, creatively, justly: these are the goals. The skills we develop throughout this year will better equip us to achieve our future goals, and practicing these skills along the way will help us discern whether this is the best path forward for our family.

On this blog, you’ll find more information about us, our philosophy, and our itinerary. Enjoy!



3 thoughts on “Home

  1. I will keep your beautiful family in my prayers as you travel throughout the country seeking your true calling in life. Safe travels!!!! I am looking forward to pictures throughout your journey!!!!


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