Peace and Justice

[ Guiding Principles]
Wonder     Alternative Economies     Sustainability     Peace and Justice   Family

“In a gentle way, you can shake the world.” –Mahatma Gandhi

We seek to work towards peace through social justice, and we affirm that one aim of justice is beauty. We strive towards peace and justice by:

War tax resistance

We believe that all life is valuable. Since the majority of tax dollars fund war, our goal this year is to determine how to best resist and/or redirect our money so that we are not supporting violence. For more, see the National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee.

Learning about social issues

As a family, we have resolved to learn about and take specific action on one issue each year. This year we have chosen prison reform. We will post periodic updates on the “blog” page.

We have also committed to donating 10% of our yearly income to charitable causes. We will divide most of our contributions between the following organizations:

Farm Sanctuary:

Southern Poverty Law Center:

Fistula Foundation:

V Day Campaign:

We’ll also be giving smaller amounts to other organizations. We hope to periodically highlight the work some of these agencies are doing on the blog.

Creating beauty

Justice is not had, for example, when the hungry are given horrible, processed foods or the homeless a dank and rickety temporary shelter. Rather, justice is realized when all people are delighted, nourished, and inspired by their surroundings and the food on their plates. We endeavor to create such a world.

In addition to the volunteering we do in exchange for lodging/food throughout this year, we each also commit to 150 hours of service in the local communities in which we will be staying.

Working for both outer and inner peace

In the same way that we want to create a more just and peaceful world, we also feel that this is impossible without also cultivating peace within. As we work towards postures of wonder and gratitude, we cultivate this inner peace.


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